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We welcome you to the Big Bird Friends Club Exclusive Membership. Our token of appreciation to you for being our valuable customers. We stand true to our intentions of providing you with nothing but the best quality chicken products, carefully managing and inspecting all stages of production throughout. Bringing you Processed Chicken products that are guaranteed to be fresh and healthy, we invite you to shop frequently with us to get Special Promotions, Bonus Points and Premium Discounts, Exclusively designed for our Prestigious Club Members. Along with Free Membership you get the benefits of collecting points every time you purchase an item at any Big Bird Outlet in Pakistan. With a certain number of collected points, you get the chance to receive free Big Bird Products. There are three types of Friendship cards.

  • Silver Card
  • Platinum Card
  • Gold Card

The Member will earn “Award Points” on purchase of products of Big Bird Foods as per below shown criteria (mentioned with the help of examples). For example: On buying of bone-in products worth Rs. 1000, customer will earn 30 award points. On buying of bone-less products worth Rs. 1000, customer will earn 50 award points. On buying of FPP products worth Rs. 1000, customer will earn 70 award points.

Points Redemption criteria

The points earned could be used for purchase of Big Bird Foods products on 1:1 basis. For example: If the customer has earned 500 award points, customer can buy Big Bird Products with selling price of Rs. 500.
*Note: Terms and conditions apply